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The latest US travel guidelines now encourage the American people to unlock the vibrancy of Cuban culture by visiting the island for any scientific, cultural, or charitable purpose. This is your opportunity to uncover the treasures of Cuban art, theatre, and music, set within the backdrop of Cuba’s beautiful beaches and rolling hills. Visit this hidden gem and discover the adventure that awaits you!


  • We are fully licensed by the US government and maintain all of the permits we need to operate both here and in Cuba.
  • We follow every applicable US and Cuban law regulating travel to and from Cuba, plus those activities you are allowed to undertake while you are there.
  • We are owned and operated by a dedicated team of Cuban-American travel experts and maintain offices in Los Angeles and Miami,
  • We pride ourselves in offering over 15 years of exceptional travel experience to Cuba.
  • We boast a high level of customer satisfaction from both institutional and individual customers, and we aim to create the dream vacation for you.
  • We are recognized for our professionalism, and subscribe to the strict ethical guidelines of American Society of Travel Agents.
  • We offer a user friendly, state-of-the-art reservation and travel management system.
  • We follow all US and Cuban Laws regarding travel and activities allowed by both governments.


  • * We love the arts, play an active role in the American arts community, and have an in-depth understanding of Cuba’s fine art, visual art, theatre, dance, and music traditions.
  • We collaborate with local Cuban experts in every artistic discipline to provide the most enriching experience for your tour.
  • We are experienced producers and can help you plan a production or program here or in Cuba.

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Cuba Tours and Travel is a full-service agency licensed by the US Government and the State of California and Florida to provide travel services to Cuba. In continuous existence for over a decade, CTT is a pioneer in the field of high-level, expert-driven, cultural travel to the island. Founded and managed by Cuban-American partners with longstanding connections to Cuba’s cultural institutions, we have extensive contacts in Cuba's travel sector and are suited to offer you the finest in-depth services. We're knowledgeable of all areas of US-Cuba travel and have focused on art, architecture, historic preservation, urban planning and land use, Cuban Jewish history and culture, music, dance, and other cultural interests. We are also very knowledgeable of environmental sustainability issues in Cuba and strive to provide knowledge about this sector. We would like to be able to offer you our long-term experience in designing a program suited to your institution’s needs.